This was a branding project for a yoga studio named Poseurs, an alternative yoga and fitness studio. Some of Poseurs services included goth, punk, and trap yoga. 
The name of the studio combines the term “poseurs” which the dictionary
 defines as “a person who pretends to be what he or she is not.”
and the concept of yoga which is a series of poses. 
When designing the branding of Poseurs, I wanted to mix punk
and alternative imagery with more psychedelic visuals.

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In addition to branding out Poseurs, I made a style guide that explains the terms of use for the logo as well as logo rationale. 
This style guide is to be given out to designers and other people who work with the brand. 
I designed posters for Poseurs that incorporated famous alternative icons (Grace Jones, Kurt Cobain, Patti Smith) moving and stretching their bodies in way that appears to the viewer that they are doing yoga. The idea behind these posters is that it will attract the alternative crowd and make them do their research to find out what Poseurs is all about. 
The app I created for Poseurs helps the user find classes based on location,
 the type of music they like, and the class schedule.
Lastly, I wanted to show the client what their logo and aesthetic would look like on branded items.
I mocked up models wearing the Poseurs shirts and leggings as well as a yoga mat that could be purchased at the studio. 
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