Boundless is a promotional products company located in Austin, TX.
Promotional products can turn prospects into customers, employees into ambassadors, and everyday people into champions for your cause.

I started out at Boundless as a Jr. Graphic Designer but quickly moved up to Mid-Level Graphic Designer within months.At Boundless I was responsible for creating collateral, event design, branding and more!
In this role, I helped clients push their brand forward with innovative and unique design solutions.
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Case Studies
A “case study” in the context of marketing is an analysis of a project, campaign or company.
For Boundless, it was important for us to create creative and engaging case studies that spoke to the work we did.
These stories were used for recruiting, winning clients, and providing content for our website.
I worked with Boundless copywriters as the main designer on this project.
My goal was to create a sleek and modern presentation while letting the images speak for themselves.

Email Design
Promotional emails are a simple, yet powerful way to spread the word about your product or service. The objective of the promotional emails for Boundless was to increase product awareness, generate revenue and improve sales people and customer loyalty.
Here again I worked with the Boundless copywriters to develop these emails.
The goal on these emails was to create some sort of similarity while designing for the message and feel for the email.
It was also important to not use a lot of Boundless branded imagery so our 3rd party salespeople could use them.
In addition to the emails I designed, it was important to advertise upcoming trends on various social channels as well.
When being tasked to design for image carousels, I typically like creating a visual theme that runs through all the images.
With the Spring Trends designs you'll notice the background flows through the entire campaign. 
Also, with the 2020 Vision campaign, I ran two horizontal rules throughout the entire campaign. 
By utilizing these visual design queues, I was able to create a sense of unity that made the viewer
 want to click through to the next image.
Event Design and Collateral 
One of my tasks at Boundless was to create a vision for each event we hosted and then design the visual details to tie it all together.
For this Boundless BBQ, I teamed up with the sales people at Boundless for an event at the world famous Franklin's BBQ in Austin, TX I was in charge of digital print signage promoting the event, as well as designing the apron and the seasoning labels we handed out as giveaways.
The design and sales team worked together for a successful night of fun, world-famous BBQ, and camaraderie.
Apparel Design
One of my favorite things to design at Boundless was our internal apparel designs.
Since Boundless is a promotional products company, we were able to get awesome shirts
and print cool designs on them to raise awareness for internal campaigns.
This shirt was for The Startup Games in 2020. The Startup Games is a annual event where startups all over Austin play games like ping pong, Mario Kart, and Foosball to benefit charity.
That year our team went with an Austin music/classic rock theme. 
I went with a vintage concert tee look and feel with the "tour dates"
of past Startup Games that Boundless had played in the past.
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