As a Graphic Design Specialist, I have worked on internal and external signage, billboard design,
illustration and other collateral to help convey the message of Austin Community College. 
The following designs are included because they best represent the type of
work I've done with Austin Community College on a day to day basis. 
Click the thumbnails to enlarge.
Most recently I was in charge of the branding, wayfinding, and environmental design
 of ACC Fest 2018, a career exploration festival for the college.
Poster design
Often I am in charge of the signage that goes up in and around
the campuses at Austin Community College. 
Most of the time, the posters advertise an internal advertising
campaign or area of study in 
which we try to attract our students. 
I work with department heads and the photographer for the marketing team to
develop engaging and informative messaging for these posters. 
I find working with a team to accomplish a shared goal as one of the most
rewarding aspects of my design career. 
Social Media design
In addition to the poster designs, I also have to translate my designs for our various social media accounts. 
Every design I do, I try to imagine them in different formats. 
Digital Signage
Another format in which we advertise our services and programs is through monitors around our campus. 
These designs are seen by 100s of students every day 
Aside from the print collateral I do at the college, I’m also tasked with creating a lot of our web advertising assets. 
Most of the time this includes infographics. 
We use infographics to help attract students to our course offering by
showing them the growth potential that the school offers. 
I get very excited when I am asked to do infographics.
It allows me to stretch my muscles as an illustrator and pair those illustrations with informative type.
Other design Work
The most exciting part of my job at ACC is when I get to design something I’ve never designed before.
Case in point, I was asked to design a map of all of our campuses in the Austin area. 
Since I never designed a campus map before, I researched other campus maps to try
and figure out how we can do something similar yet all our own at the same time.
Each icon on the map represents what that the campus is known for. 
This campus map is now included in a variety of brochures, bags, posters and web assets.
Check out the full map below!
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